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Can standard Wellington shoe trees be used for boots?

In addition to our Wellington Cedar Boot Trees, our standard Wellington Cedar Shoe Trees can also be sufficient for boots (except western style boots).

What polish/conditioner should I use for hand-painted shoes?

We recommend using Saphir Nappa Leather Balm for conditioning hand-painted shoes as it has the most gentle formula. Because it does not contain any waxes, it will not alter the surface or strip the painted leather finish. Any wax or cream with a high

Can your polishes and waxes be used on faux leather?

If the shoes are made of faux leather then unfortunately, our products will not be of much use as they will be not be able to be properly absorbed (full grain leather is porous). As a result, you'd wind up with a bunch of residue from the product poo

Regarding shaving, is it best to have all of your products (shaving soap, aftershave, and perfume) the same scent, or is is acceptable for each of them to have different scents?

The short answer is it's going to come down to personal preference! You may find that for you certain scents combine well together, or you may prefer a (near) uniform scent across multiple products. Either approach is of course acceptable and is full

Anatomic/Standard Insole size chart recommendation

For selecting the proper insole size, we recommend choosing the same size that corresponds to the EU size of the shoe (e.g. size US10/EU43 shoes should have size 43 insoles). If you're still unsure, go with the next size up. If they are slightly too

Leather Softener Recommendation

New leather shoes often come with a level of stiffness that can be uncomfortable. Softening the leather not only enhances comfort but also extends the longevity of your shoes. For this purpose, we recommend the Saphir Dubbin Graisse Conditioner avail

Which brush should I use for my shoes?

The brush we recommend using for most standard leathers is almost always going to be a horsehair brush. If you could only get one brush, it'd be this one. Kirby loves the extra large size!. For everything else like pebble grain, cordovan, or other te