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When should I use a pig bristle brush vs crepe or boar bristle brush?Updated 6 months ago

For overall and general care, we recommend using the pig bristle suede brush. It's not quite as stiff as the boar bristle brush, but the real advantage is its size, which allows for steady and efficient brushing, making it a perfect match for refluffing the nap of the suede or getting any superfluous dirt off. It's essentially the suede equivalent of the goat or yak hair finishing brush that you'd use for standard calfskin leather and the like. 

The boar and crepe brushes, on the other hand, are what we recommend using when you need more of a deep clean. If you have a particular spot with a stain or marking that needs a bit more elbow grease to work out, the thicker, spongey texture of the crepe brush or the stiffer bristles of the boar brush will be much more effective than the pig bristle.

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