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How long does it take to ship shoes to us for a shoe shine?Updated 3 months ago

Thank you for your questions. The time it takes to ship your shoes to us for shining will depend on the method you choose to send the shoes. If you opt to use our FedEx shipping label it should only take a few business days. 

Once the shoes are received, they will go into our queue. 10 days is the average time the shoes are in-house, so about 2-3 weeks for total turnaround, depending on the current volume of demand as well as the shipping method you choose. We can bump them to the front of the line and have them rushed for an additional $20. 

If you'd like to proceed with the rush service, please send payment to Eddie, our shoeshine professional's Venmo @Eddie-Villanueva-22 (Picture with wife and kids at wedding) and include in the description message, "Kirby Allison Order #___ Presidential Shoe Shine - Rush Service." Additionally, please include your name, the color and brand + style of your shoes (or boots). This will help prevent processing delays. 

Once the payment has been confirmed, we will move them up and have them taken care of ASAP. 

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