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Garment Care

Dressing Smart in Hot Climates: Materials and Style Tips

Living in or traveling to hot climate areas of the globe can present unique challenges for maintaining a sharp wardrobe. However, with the right materials and style choices, you can stay comfortable and stylish. Here are some tips we recommend to hel

What is the best brush to use for suits, overcoats, mackinaw jackets, etc?

Here's a great video we did not too long ago that explains why and how to use a garment brush and includes instructions on which bristle stiffness to use for a given fabric. Here's an older video that goes into the actual demonstration a bit further.

How many shirts can the garment storage box hold?

The number of items will of course depend on the size and particular fabric of the garment, but typically for shirts the box can accommodate between 2-4 garments.

How do I properly launder and care for my dress socks?

We just recently released a video on this very topic! Check it out 👉 HERE and keep your socks looking fantastic for years to come.