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ChamoisUpdated a year ago

Difference between the 3-pack High Shine Chamois and our original Giza Cotton high shine chamois?

The 3-pack High Shine Chamois are actually fairly different from our original Giza cotton high shine chamois. Our Wellington individual cotton chamois is made from a super high-quality Super 180/2 Giza Cotton shirting fabric, (what you would have a very high-quality dress shirt made of), which is 13.5" square. In contrast, the Wellington High Shine Chamois set of 3 is made of interlocking jersey cotton fabric, like that of a quality T-shirt.

The jersey cotton chamois are technically smaller (18x6") but because they come in a pack of 3 you do still get a little bit more for your buck than the original HSC. Some say the jersey cotton chamois are a bit easier to handle as they are softer and don't wear on the fingers as much while others swear by the Giza cotton HSC as the ultimate chamois on the market. At the end of the day, however, it ultimately comes down to personal preference since both types of chamois produce exceptional high shines and mirror shines. We recommend trying out both to see what suits your personal needs and taste.

How to clean Chamois?

Once it's been fully used, you can machine wash the chamois on warm with light detergent, then air dry. This way it becomes softer and even more absorbent. 

Or you can do the same thing by hand washing: warm water with light detergent, rinse several times, and then air dry. 

There is no reason you shouldn't be able to use them several times. A lot of shine people do not even wash, they just rub the excess wax off on a towel and continue to use.

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