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How Should I care for my Alden shell cordovan shoes in color No. 8?Updated 2 months ago

For Alden shell cordovan shoes in color No. 8, we recommend using Saphir Cordovan Cream Polish in "Cordo No. 71". 

As our cordovan cream polish listing states, it is very important in the care of cordovan that the fibers not be allowed to expand. Shoe polishes containing turpentine, which are designed for soft leathers, such as calfskin, can penetrate into the pores of cordovan and cause them to expand, thereby diminishing this unique characteristic to the leather. This is why the Saphir Cordovan Polish specifically does not contain turpentine. 

As for wax polish, solvents are indeed generally bad for cordovan, but the Pate de Luxe wax has a very low solvent content and the Mirror Gloss has an even lower solvent content. So either will be just fine.
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